About the project

This product helps the users to find the best deals for digital products.


Develop a platform where users can easily buy and find the cheapest available digital products.


  • To make a meaningful showcase of digital products in which users can easily explore and compare the product prices.
  • It should be fast, convenient and easy to navigate, so it is easier to use on the go. UX must be as simple and time-saving as possible.

My Role

  • Product strategy
  • User research & Analysis
  • MVP definition
  • Wireframes
  • UI Design & Prototyping


  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sneak Peek Grid Papers

"Why" is the most impotant question.

  • When getting requirements, I put many “Why’s” during this session so that I can get close to the main requirements.
  • Our primary focus was on MVP (Minimum Viable Product) so that we could integrate most functional requirements on our very first version.

As it was an e-commerce web-application, I researched the good practices for making an e-commerce application better.

So after going through different famous and well-experienced websites, I listed down features and good practices that must be covered in our upcoming project.

  • The section above the fold should be minimal and have all the required features.
  • Navigation should be smooth and easygoing, so that users don't get confused
  • The search option should be on top with relevant updated features like trending search, product's quantity status, etc.
  • Users can explore, like window-shopping, compare prices and choose the best deal.

Design Impact

After going through different websites and table collaboration with team members we decided what elements and components are really helpful for our platform and also maintain the scalability of the website so that if the new features were to integrate, it will easily adjust space without any disturbance in layout and other components.

Authentic Phone and Email: With the OTP and Email confirmation services we can easily authenticate the user so that we can save their search history, preference, so that we can send them the suggestions of most related products.



We decided on some menus so that we could place out of whole website stuff. We created one menu for company purposes like we listed some, career, blog, deals etc of items. In another menu we listed our digital products like, Phone, camera, microwaves etc, we called it a product menu so that users can directly go to their desired product.


A/B Testing

We decided to create two version of Product's Menu placment. Once with the menu above the fold and 2nd with the focus on search.


Search Result & Listing Page


Single Product Page